Owners/Wagon Masters


JOHN & BECKY have been traveling Mainland Mexico and the Baja Peninsula for over 45 years.  They have lived in both Los Cabos and Todos Santos and they now have a home in San Juanico, BCS, Mexico.  

Becky is an avid photographer and took all the photos for the web site while on caravan and on their many trips down the Baja Peninsula.  She especially loves the plant and bird life of Baja.

John is a passionate explorer and surfer of the Baja Peninsula.  His explorations have taken him to most of the remote spots seldom seen by the average Baja traveler.

John & Becky have four children and seven grandchildren.  They often travel with their grandchildren to their home in San Juanico, BCS, Mexico.

BAJA WINTERS has been guiding RV caravans to Baja Mexico since 1987. One of the Eco Tours we offer is the exciting gray whale watching adventure at Ojo de liebre, AKA Scammon's Lagoon.  This has been the highlight of our client's trip.  This tour gives the whale watcher the opportunity to be very close to the whales, many have been able to touch a whale!   We visit the wine country of Northern Baja where we experience some of the more than 60 wineries in the Guadalupe Valley.  We explore the rock and cactus gardens of the interior and unspoiled beaches of Baja all while traveling in the comfort of your own vehicle.  No bumpy, loud buses or nerve-racking plane rides.

We are an owner/operated business.  Our main goal for our customers is for them to learn the customs of Baja and experience all the beauty the Baja Peninsula has to offer.