Baja Winters was one of the first caravans to bring Rv’s to Baja and has been continuously running for almost 50 years. It was the 1970’s when Dick and Marge bought the old sugar mill in Todos Santos BCS and built an RV park around the Mill, They named it El Molino.

Old Sugar Mill

 After completion, no one came to El Molino, so they decided to advertise in the states for people with Rv’s to stay at the park. They would meet them in San Diego and then escort them down via caravan at no charge. The El Molino quickly became very busy and they needed to hire help. They hired Kirk and Jan who began leading the caravans to the park. In 1980’s the RV park was filled with permanent residents and caravans were no longer needed. So Kirk and Jan decided to continue to bring Rv’s down the Baja Peninsula and named the caravan Baja Winters.

It was around the year 2000 when Kirk was no longer able to run the caravans and asked John and Becky Smith, to purchase Baja Winters. John and Becky were delighted and a perfect choice.


John and Becky

John is a passionate explorer and surfer of the Baja Peninsula. Becky is an avid photographer and loves the plant and bird life of Baja. Together they have been traveling Mainland Mexico and Baja Peninsula for over 45 years. They have brought hundreds of caravans down The Baja Peninsula for the last 20 years. We have met many who say they came down with John and Becky, loved it so much they bought property in Baja.

You may get a chance to meet John and Becky on a caravan as they sometimes like to join us as tail Gunners.


Just over five years ago we became fascinated by the idea of discovering the world. We sold our house, business, and most everything we owned and set out on a sailboat to explore the Caribbean. After a year of sailing we both agreed that it was way too much work and sold the sailboat in exchange for the full time RV lifestyle.
We have always enjoyed Mexico and after 20 years of vacationing there, we decided to try something new… Let’s drive our Rv to Baja! As soon as we crossed the border at Tecate, we fell in love with the unique landscape, food, culture and the people. Exploring Baja far exceeded our expectations and we knew we never wanted to leave. It was a few days into our 30 day tour when John said, “I think you two would be good at running this caravan, would you like to buy it? It did not take us long to make the decision!
We are from Colorado and live full time in our RV with our two cats, Phoebe and Rio.. We spend 8 months out of the year exploring and taking caravans down the Baja Peninsula. What a great job we have, if you can call it that… We get to share our passion for Baja with you!