Jan. 27, 2019 thru Feb. 25, 2019

$1,995.00 USD

  • Mexican clam chowder prepared with fresh clams on the beach
  • San Javier town & mission tour
  • Tour of Historic Mulege, town, museum & mission
  • Daily trip log & '5:00' meeting
  • Baja map
  • Wagon Masters, John & Becky Smith have 40 years of exploring Baja
  • Each caravan will be guided by John & Becky Smith Owners/Wagon Masters Baja Winters.  We do not hire wagon masters. Travel with the owners.
  • Assistance with placing Mexican Auto Insurance
  • We are a pet friendly caravan

On this caravan we will explore Baja on our journey south from Potrero County Park, near San Diego, CA, to  Santispac beach in  Bahía de Concepción. This beach is considered to be the most beautiful beach in Baja. This is your opportunity to do what you have come to Baja for: Relax and enjoy the culture, beautiful beaches and weather. Avoid breaking down camp daily in order to move to a new camp. 

Price includes

  • Camp fees paid while with caravan & Wagon Masters
  • Wagon Master & Tail gunner
  • Tour of Wine Museum of Northern Baja
  • Wine tasting and wine production tour at L.A. Cetto
  • Rotisserie chicken dinner
  • Margaritas & Tamales provided for El Pabellón beach party
  • Cave painting tour and desert walk
  • City walk & mission tour in San Ignacio, BCS
  • Lunch at the a Food Truck in the Guadalupe Valley
  • Wine tasting at a select winery in the Guadalupe Valley