As of today,  April 27, 2020,  we have all been confined and restricted in our travel.  BAJA WINTERS is still planning on our 2021 caravan season.  

Because of the sparse population in Baja there have been very few deaths because of COVID_19.  The report for Baja Sur, Cabo San Lucas area, has been only 182 cases and 15 deaths.  These numbers are from La Paz, BCS and Cabo, BCS both places we do not go to.  Our caravan terminates in Loreto, BCS, where no deaths have been reported.  Four cases have been confirmed in Mulege, 0 in Loreto and 0 deaths in both towns.  

This season, 2021, because of the COVID_19 we will be accepting reservations with a $200. usd deposit.  This deposit will be fully refundable, no questions asked, until October 01, 2020.  We should know by this date the status of this virus and possible vaccine. We are only accepting ten (10) reservations for Jan. 10, 2021 caravan, so, secure your reservation soon with the refundable $200. usd deposit.

We will be tracking the COVID_19 information and keeping you updated.  You can also go to the following link COVID_19