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While sometimes it can be helpful and make things easier, it is not necessary.  Most Baja residents speak a little English, and if you try to speak a little Spanish it will always work out.  We can help you or just download Google translate to your phone and jump right in.

Yes and No.  You can travel with up to 2 pets per person, dogs or cats.  We travel with our 2 cats (Rio and Phoebe)  No other pets such as birds, reptiles, or whatever are allowed.  Pet records are no longer required however there are a LOT of stray animals in Mexico lacking of any vet care.  Given that, MAKE SURE YOUR PET’S VACCINATIONS ARE CURRENT.  And bring those papers just in case.

Traveling and living in Baja is like anywhere else.  In the US there are places that you avoid… same in Mexico. Our caravans only stay in places that have proven safe over many years.  Just like the US, don’t be flashing big wads of cash, don’t cover yourself in exotic jewelry, and don’t walk away leaving your camera or wallet laying out unattended. Stories of cartel crime are focused on the mainland and not in places we stay or Baja in general.  We typically feel safer waking around Baja than in the US.

Yes, all of the pumps I have seen all the way to Cabo have the sticker on the pumps anyways.  7,000 Baja miles last year in my 2018 Cummins…No Problema!

If you drink the water straight from the tap you may get sick.  We filter all water before it goes into our tank and use a UV light filter to kill germs. Also we add 1 TBSP of bleach per 10 gallons to chlorinate it.  Never had issues after doing all that.  Typically for drinking water we fill our 3 gallon jugs in the local purified water stores, or buy bottled water.

Yes, unless you are under 16 and traveling with you parents.  In that case you would need a photo ID and Birth Certificate.

YES, it is VERY unlikely that your US insurance will cover anything in Mexico.  If you have an accident without Mexican Liability insurance you will sit in a Mexican Jail until all liability is settled.  I can assure you that you do not want that.  At the absolute minimum you need to have Mexican Liability Insurance, but that covers nothing for your side. Get full coverage.

No, that is only for Mainland Mexico.  RV’s, Cars, Trucks, and Trailers don’t need a TIP in Baja or Baja Sur.  There are some obscure circumstances that need a TIP (towing a boat etc) but we don’t encounter that often.

Yes, but you must bring the current registration and it must be in your name.  Expired registration will stop you at the border.