10/01/2021 - 10/31/2021

30 DAYS / 29 NIGHTS ONLY $1995 per RV

La Paz Malecon

Your Baja Adventure includes the following:

  • 30 Days travel in Baja and Baja Sur in your RV
  • Your trip is led by the owners, not hired wagon masters
  • Loaner high power communications radio
  • We camp with you every night
  • Assistance with necessary paperwork for entry
  • Escorted border crossings both ways
  • We handle reservations for sites
  • Guidance for local activities and dining
  • Detailed Daily Trip Log Book
  • Extensive pre departure information


This is a no frills 30 day trip that we use to pre run for the upcoming season.  We run all the way to Los Barriles (near Cabo) and stay for a week or so.  This trip is super discounted because there isn’t a rigid itinerary and is subject to change on the fly due to unknown conditions. It’s the best weather and warmest water of the season in October.

We cover camping fees for the entire 30 days, meals and activities are on you or we can decide as a group to go eat somewhere or do something. 

We will meet up a day or 2 ahead of the trip in a nice RV park in Calexico to have a predeparture meeting, Cross to Mexico to get Visas stamped, exchange some dollars for pesos, and get ready for Mexico.

After crossing we’ll drive to San Felipe and stay a couple nights adjusting to Mexico Life.  After that is Beach Camping in Bahia Gonzga with no hookups for the night.  Next is a longer drive to Guerrero Negro , an industrial town, but a good place to stop with a good restaurant and hookups. After dumping and filling tanks we are off to the beach at Playa Santispac for 3 nights.  No cell, No WiFi, no nothing but relaxing at the beach or enjoying the Armando’s restaurant and bar.  We love this place! 

The oldest mission in Baja is at Loreto our next stop.  It’s a bigger town with stores, laundry, and whatever you need.  We’ll spend 2 nights here before heading to La Paz. La Paz is the Big City stop in Baja Sur with Sam’s Club, Department stores, and an awesome malecon for walking and choosing a restaurant.

Los Barriles…our favorite Baja destination is next up for 8 nights.! It’s a small town, but has outstanding gourmet level restaurants at budget prices.  We’re camping on the beach at the best RV park. 

The return trip has 2 night in La Paz, 1 in Loreto, 2 at Santispac then a new stop at the Oasis of San Ignacio.  (There is only one road, so we have to repeat some stops.)  After an overnight at Guerrero Negro we will venture up the Pacific Side to Catavinia, an unbelievable rock and cactus garden. A beach camp is up next followed by 2 nights in Wine Country where you can do winery tours or other activities.  An early morning departure takes us back to the US Border crossing at Tecate.   

This trip should fill up quickly because of the super low pricing so..Let’s Go!

Trip itinerary details and key:
Grey = Non travel days
Facilities Key:
W=Water(Mexico Water),
S=Sewer Connection
D=Dump Station,