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2021-2022 TRIP SUMMARY

RVs on Desert Road

10/1/2021 - 10/31/2021

30 day discount pre run trip

This is a no frills 30 day trip that we use to pre run for the upcoming season.  We run all the way to Los Barriles (near Cabo) and stay for a week or so.  This trip is super discounted because there isn’t a rigid itinerary and is subject to change on the fly due to unknown conditions. If you are flexible with a senes of adventure, this is an awesome and cost saving trip. We cover camping fees for the entire 30 days, meals and activities are on you. It’s the best weather of the season. Limited to 10 RVs..Call for more info.

Only $1499 per RV

RVs on beach

11/18/2021 - 11/28/2021

FALL 10 night thanksgiving BAJA BEACH RUN

Escape the chills of the North and enjoy Thanksgiving on the Gulf beaches of Baja.  This trip includes San Felipe, Bahia Gonzaga, San Ignacio, Playa Santispac(3 Days) then return. It’s a great Baja intro trip with a Thanksgiving potluck at Bahia Gonzaga.  We avoid the Pacific side on this trip because it’s 10 degrees cooler.  Gulf side highs are 85-75 in November.

Only $1195 Per RV(2 people) 
$290 per additional person

RV overlooking the ocean

1/8/2022 - 2/7/2022

30 day JANUARY BAJA full tour

This is the first full Baja tour of the season and includes activities such as Whale Watching, Wine Tasting  12 group dinners, some as beach parties.  The trip runs all the way to Los Barriles(Near Cabo) and stays there for 10 nights.  Take up Kite Boarding, rent ATVs, eat at the gourmet restaurants, or just hang out at the beach bar.  You can even take a side trip to Cabo, its an hour or so south.  Trip includes 16 non driving days so you have time to truly enjoy Baja.

Only $2550 per RV (2 people)
$700 per additional person

Desert Sunset

2/19/2022 - 2/26/2022

overflow beaches wines & whales

This trip will only run if the March 6 Beaches Wines and Whales trip reaches capacity or if a club or group trip opts in with a minimum of 5 rigs for a private trip.  The itinerary will be the same the March 6 trip: SAN FELIPE, BAHIA GONZAGA, GUERRERO NEGRO(2x), CATAVINA, EL PABELLON, GUADALUPE VALLEY, TECATE

Petting a whale

3/5/2022 - 3/12/2022

7 night beaches wines and whales

This trip is the best for whale watching in Guererro Negro, Baja Sur.  Cross at Mexicali to the beaches of San Felipe then Bahia Gonzaga. Next is Guerrero Negro for 2 nights and 2 incredible whale watching excursions. Return up the Pacific coast to the desert Oasis of Catavina, then beach camp at El Pabellon, followed by wine tasting in the Guadalupe Valley.  Cross back to US through Tecate. 

ONLY $1595 per RV(2 People)
$355 per additional 

Beach at Los Barriles

4/9/2022 - 5/9/2022

30 DAY BEST OF BAJA - extended STAYS

This trip leans toward driving less and enjoying each location a bit more in depth. Most locations stay for 3 days for a more relaxed and culturally integrated experience.  Some locations have no power or water so boondocking capability for 3-4 days is required.